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Rao Makineni Lectureship

The Rao Makineni Lectureship was established in 2003 by an endowment by PolyPeptide Laboratories and Murray and Zelda Goodman. The Lectureship honors Rao Makineni, a long-time supporter of peptide science, peptide scientists, and the American Peptide Society. The Makineni Lectureship recognizes an individual who has made a recent contribution of unusual merit to research in the field of peptide science. The award is intended to recognize original and singular discoveries rather than cumulative or lifetime contributions. The award is presented at the biennial American Peptide Symposia.

Rao Makineni Lectureship Recipients

2023, César de la Fuente, University of Pennsylvania

2021, Bradley L. Pentelute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2019, Xuechen Li, The University of Hong Kong

2017, Thomas Kodadek, Scripps Research Institute

2015, Paramjit Arora, New York University

2013, Samuel H. Gellman, University of Wisconsin at Madison

2011, Jeffery W. Kelly, Scripps Research

2009, William DeGrado, University of Pennsylvania

2007, Ronald T. Raines, University of Wisconsin at Madison

2005, Robin E. Offord, Centre Medical Universitaire, Switzerland

2003, James P. Tam, Vanderbilt University

Award Sponsor

The PolyPeptide Group is a contract manufacturing organization for peptides and peptide related molecules. A global presence throughout the world assures our clients a reliable supply with the necessary capacity for an uninterrupted service.

The Group is one of the world’s largest independent contract manufacturers of therapeutic peptides for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary markets employing more than 800 people in six manufacturing sites located in France, India, Belgium, Sweden and the USA.

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