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Recent Peptide Research and News

Sabatino Lab

Self-Assembled Nanofibers

Reflecting recent work in the Sabatino lab

Amphiphilic peptide sequences are conducive to secondary structures that self-assemble into higher-ordered peptide nanostructures. A select set...


Parker Lab

Novel Substrate Prediction

Reflecting recent work in the Parker lab

The TAM family of receptor tyrosine kinases is implicated in multiple distinct oncogenic signaling pathways. However, to date, there are no...


Price Lab

Coiled Coils

Reflecting recent work in the Price lab

Coiled coils are one of most common protein quaternary structures and represent the best understood relationship between amino acid sequence and protein...


Jin Lab

Network Pharmacology

Reflecting recent work in the Jin lab

Carapax Trionycis is a traditional Chinese medicine and it has been clear that oligo-peptides from Carapax Trionycis extract, CTP, are the main active substances...


Wiedman Lab

Azobenzene Moiety

Reflecting recent work in the Wiedman lab

Azobenzenes are a series of compounds that can be isomerized upon irradiation with light. These molecules can...


Nowick Lab

Monoclonal Antibodies

Reflecting recent work in the Nowick lab

Monoclonal antibodies, mAbs, that target the β-amyloid peptide, Aβ, are important Alzheimer's disease research tools and are now being...


Deber Lab

Novel, Rational Drug Design

Reflecting recent work in the Deber lab

As an alternative approach to conventional antibiotics, members of the Charles Deber laboratory, published in Peptide Science, explore a novel...


Nitsche Lab

Bicyclic Peptides

Reflecting recent work in the Nitsche lab

Bicyclic peptides have emerged as one of the driving forces within the constrained peptide family. Due to their unique pharmaceutical attributes...


Wennemers Lab

Self-Sorting Collagen

Reflecting recent work in the Wennemers lab

Nature uses elaborate methods to control protein assembly, including that of heterotrimeric collagen....


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Membership is free and open to graduate and undergraduate students, postdocs, professionals, and retired professionals, with an interest in peptides or a related scientific field.

What Current Members Say

Danny Chou

"The American Peptide Society is at the forefront of showcasing innovative research and emerging trends in the field. The symposiums are a combination of inspiration and knowledge, essential for all peptide enthusiasts in academia and pharma to stay ahead in peptide science."

Danny Chou
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Endocrinology
Stanford University, School of Medicine

Joshua Kritzer

“APS provides a forum for connecting graduate students, postdocs and working professionals with each other based on shared professional skills and interests. When it comes time to look for their next position, APS members can count on a strong network of like-minded scientists who value their skills and accomplishments.”

Joshua Kritzer
Tufts University

Ved Srivastava

“Being a member of the American Peptide Society and attending the Peptide Symposium, one of the key asset of the society, I have gain new perspectives on emerging peptide technologies, and gain insights about current challenges from prominent peptide leaders. It is a great society for the education and professional development for our peptide scientist.”

Ved Srivastava
Ph.D., Vice President of Peptide Chemistry
Intarcia Therapeutics

President’s Welcome

Paramjit Arora, Ph.D. APS President

Welcome to the American Peptide Society! The APS is an interdisciplinary group of chemists and biologists who forge translational discoveries centered on basic research in peptide structure and function. The field of peptide science is highly diverse in content and practitioners. The innovation and energy in the field is a direct result of this diversity. Our Society serves as a forum for bringing together an engaging and supportive group of members. We encourage you to become a member and attend our biennial symposia!

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