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Octreotide Analogs

Somatostatin, SS, is a cyclic tetradecapeptide able to inhibit the release of growth hormone, GH, mainly through the binding to two G‐protein coupled...

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Unprotected Peptides

Ring-closing metathesis, RCM, is an attractive reaction for the preparation of artificially designed peptides. Until now, RCM has been used for fully...

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Azapeptide Libraries

Aza‐propargylglycine, azaPra, peptides are branching points for the synthesis of azapeptide libraries. Researchers in the Lubell Lab, published in...

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Backbone Modification

G-protein-coupled receptors, GPCRs, mediate diverse physiological processes and are targets of many therapeutic agents. GPCR subfamilies comprise...

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Short Peptides

Helical secondary and tertiary motifs are commonly observed as binding epitopes in natural and engineered protein scaffolds. While several strategies...


Aromatic Foldamer Hybrids

Translation, the mRNA-templated synthesis of peptides by the ribosome, can be manipulated to incorporate variants of the 20 cognate amino acids. Such approaches for expanding the range of chemical entities that can be produced by the ribosome may accelerate the discovery...

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Book Contributors Needed

Former APS President, Ben Dunn, has been asked to develop a new edition of the John Wiley & Sons book titled "Peptide Chemistry and Drug Design".  He is seeking interested contributors or even another scientist to take over as editior of the new edition of this book.  If you are interested in helping or would like more information, please contact the APS office at (apsoffice17@gmail.com).