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APS Committees

Bylaws CommitteeThis committee oversees the revision of the By-laws.Joel SchneiderE. James Petersson
Publications CommitteeThe Publications Committee maintains active partnerships with professional publishers to promote benefits for the membership, including promotion of the APS-associated journal. In the near-term, this committee needs to research our options with respect to Peptide ScienceJoel SchneiderTomi Sawyer, Yvonne Angell, Anna Maria Papini, Amelia Fuller
Website CommitteeThis committee oversees the design, maintenance and content creation for the APS website. In the near-term, this committee will launch and provide content for the new website. Lauren ClineRon Raines, Wendy Hartsock, Ved Srivastava, Paramjit Arora, and Lars Sahl
Nominating Committee (2019-2021)The Nominating Committee solicits names of potential officers from the APS membership to be included as candidates in the upcoming election. If needed, the committee put forth additional names as required by the bylaws and confirms the final slate of candidates. Christina SchroederMichael Bertucci, Elizabeth Denton, Jillian Smith-Carpenter, Deanna Long
Special EventThe Special Event committee overseas the ad-hoc events to enhance Societies’ value to its members. Organization of events such as (1) Peptide R&D Strategy 20/20: Perspective and Future Vision to discuss the peptide science advancements with small exclusive key opinion/professional leaders around the globe and (2) Peptide Caffe Network event at local geographical regions. Ved SrivastavaTomi Sawyer, Stephen Kent, Natia Tsomaia, and Yvonne Angell
Awards CommitteeThis committee nominates chairs for each APS award and oversees the awards process. In the near-term, this committee should prepare a report on how to improve the awards process to ensure APS awards recognize meritorious individuals without bias. Jean Chmielewski
Symposium Schedule Committee (temporary)This committee will create a standard Symposium schedule that all future Symposium organizers will use as reference. David Chenoweth and Robert Garbaccio
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee APS is in accord with an initiative from the FASEB to establish a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. The committee to emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion and recruitment of designated volunteers to overcome DEI issues, provide resources, or share success stories.Lauren GoodrichAmelia Fuller, James Nowick, Carrie Haskell-Luevano, Monika Raj
Liaison CommitteeThis committee maintains relationships with other national and international professional societies. In the near-term, this committee should look into ways to improve benefits to society members through liaisons and partnerships with other societies. Joel SchneiderVed Srivastava, James Nowick, E. James Petersson, Paramjit Arora
Sponsorship CommitteeThis committee oversees the sponsorship to support - primarily the societies' activities such as website sponsorship, and of the American Peptide Symposium in collaboration with Symposium Co-Chairs. The chairperson of the committee may modify the team composition as and when needed. Stephen MillerWendy Hartsock and Heba Salim
Finance CommitteeThe Finance Committee performs research relevant to financial decisions, offers advice for financial decisions, and keeps finances transparent and in order. This committee also organizes periodic auditsJames NowickLauren Cline, Joel Schneider, Paramjit Arora, E. James Petersson, Ved Srivastava
The Student Affairs Committee (SAC)The Student Affairs Committee is involved in the organization of events of special interest to students and other peptide researchers in training positions, including the Young Investigator Mini-Symposium, Poster Competition, and Job Fair.Emel Adaligil, Michael Bertucci, and James CheccoRon Raines, and Gaurav Bhardwaj
Membership Committee to assist Lauren ClineThe Membership Committee maintains a roll of active members and enforces policies for adding and removing members. In the near-term, this committee should look into a method for verifying active members, which will help inform what levels of membership we want (with the goal of maximizing one broad category of membership)Lauren Cline