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Student Activities

Student Activities Committee

The goal of SAC is to bring all attendees of the American Peptide Symposium together by encouraging active participation in symposium events and working as a community to ensure a successful meeting that benefits all who attend.

SAC is generally comprised of 2-3 professional-level co-chairs and 7-8 students and postdocs, and is responsible for organizing the following events at the APS:

  • The Young Investigator Competition – oral and poster
  • The Student Mixer
  • The Elizabeth Schram Networking Lunch

The students that serve on SAC assist in all of these events providing support by way of:

  1. Organizing judges during the poster judging competition by helping to assemble the teams and hand out/collect poster judging packets
  2. Attend the student mixer and mingle with students to promote discussions
  3. Attend the Elizabeth Schram networking lunch and help to organize attendees as well as network with professional attendees
  4. Act as general support for the meeting

For their participation, students get recognition on the website and at the awards ceremony. One of the biggest benefits of serving on SAC is the ample opportunity to network which has long-lasting benefits. Students and professionals that are interested in participating in SAC should contact the 2023 SAC co-chairs.


Students and professionals that are interested in participating in SAC should contact the 2023 SAC co-chairs.

2023 APS Student Activities Co-Chairs

Michael Bertucci

Michael Bertucci, Ph.D.
Lafayette College

Emel Adaligil

Emel Adaligil, Ph.D.

James Checco

James Checco, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska

2022 APS Student Activities Committee

Kejia Yan- University of Alberta
Murali Lella – University of Nevada, Reno
Carolynn Davern – NC State University
Taysir Bader – University of Minnesota
Srijani Sarkar – NIH/NCI
Ben Tombling – Genentech

ESCOM Science Foundation

ESCOM LogoESCOM Science Foundation, founded by Dr. Bert L. Schram and Dr. Elizabeth Schram and currently chaired by Mr. Johan Elgersma, has kindly sponsored the awards given for the Young Investigator Poster and Oral Presentation Competitions. In addition, the Foundation also sponsors the Dr. Elizabeth Schram Young Scientists’ Lunch and Mixer. The American Peptide Society acknowledges this generous contribution, which supports the development and promotion of young aspiring researchers in peptide science, with our special thanks.